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Knowledge Planet is UAE’s most trusted entrance exam preparation institution for students in Class 9 till 12. For 9th and 10th grade students, we run a very powerful Foundation program, with the objective of laying a strong Science & Maths foundation for higher classes and competitive exams. For Science students in Class 11 and 12, we offer our highly acclaimed Comprehensive Engineering & Medical Entrance Exam program to help them excel in Board exams and Competitive exams such as IIT JEE and AIPMT. Print Within four years of our institution’s existence, we have fast emerged as the most trusted Entrance Exam preparation institute, with one of the fastest growth in student numbers over the last few years for any institute in the entire Gulf region. Currently 1000+ students from across various Indian schools in the UAE are studying with us at our education centres in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. We pride ourselves on attracting the best CBSE/ICSE students in the UAE. Among our students are School Toppers, Championship winners, Sheikh Hamdan Award winners, Quiz Masters, Chess players, Award winning Debaters, students with leadership roles in their schools and many more top achievers as well as aspiring achievers. The excellence quality of our student community is a reflection of the commit-ment, passion and experience that has gone into designing, executing and updating our powerful academic programs. Our institution, managed by IIT-IIM alumni, has the Highest Success Rate in the Gulf for sending students to IITs, NITs, AIIMS and other Top 30 engineering and medical colleges in India as well as in the USA, UK, Singapore etc. For the last two years, at the JEE Main Exam (the biggest Entrance Exam in India after Grade 12), all top positions in the UAE have been bagged by Knowledge Planet students. i.e. UAE Rank 1, 2 and 3 both in 2013 and 2014! This year’s Gulf CBSE Topper, Vineet Nair, who scored 98.2% marks has been a KP student for the last three years. We have also produced the highest number of IIT and AIIMS Ranks in the last two years combined. Knowledge Planet is proud to be an exclusive partner of one of the leading schools in Dubai, Delhi Private School, Dubai. Around 4 years back, the school had invited all the institutes from all over UAE to send the proposals to train their students. The school analysed all of them for around 6 long months and chose Knowledge Planet to be their exclusive partner. As a result of it, We run our programs in the school campus itself. This goes on to show why Knowledge Planet has fast emerged as the No. 1 choice for students preparing for the most important examinations of their school years.


My experience at KP has been a very memorable one.I have learnt how to manage my studies, organize the timetables,practice every day and clear my doubts. It has given me a forum to explore a variety of topics on individual concepts which helps me perform better in class.The various time-to-time tests and assignments help me be in track with the daily portions.The entrance coaching also helps to a great deal in better understanding of the subject and gets us ready for the exam in a perfect chronological manner. The teaching faculty too is very friendly and that enhances the process of learning making it friendly and interactive.

Harsha Balwani, ADIS Asst. Head Girl, Debating, Salsa and Swimming champion)

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