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Student Testimonials

Knowledge planet is the first choice of the best and brightest Indian students in the UAE

We joined KP from Grade 10. The faculty is really knowledgeable and and are enthusiastic about how we perform in our exams. We have understood the concepts thoroughly here and the notes have helped us perform well in all exams and SAT II. And the worksheets and problem solving sessions have greatly contributed to our entrance results. Attending the classes has also helped improve our concept application skills. Thanks!

Vineet & Vishakh Nair, DPS, University of California, Berkeley / University of Pennsylvania

I have been a KPite since Foundation.I am thankful to KP for guiding me well in my academics. The resources are really good and the teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable.On the whole KP has been of a great help!

Ram Sankar, IHS ,UAE Spelling Bee Champion School Topper – 11th grade (Boys)

Learning at KP is truly an intellectually stimulating experience. The teachers are highly experienced and very supportive. The mode of teaching employed improves analytical reasoning required for cracking any competitive exam.I am grateful to all my teachers for continuously motivating me and giving me 2 years to remember.

Shruthi Iyer, IHS Sheikh Hamdan Award School Topper 11th grade Awardee @Singapore international Science Camp

I joined KP in 11th. At that time, I didn’t have a competitive nature and I lacked confidence. KP made me develop both. The teachers are really good and they made me realize my capabilities. The doubt classes, regular tests, booster sessions, course materials, mini-library, performance feedback and the constant motivation- everything was extremely useful during my preparation. They also made me feel enthusiastic about studying. Joining KP has been a great decision.

Indroneil Kanungo, OOIS, IIT Roorkee

Faculty has best interests of students in mind and teach accordingly. Study material provided is comprehensive and challenging. Pacing of the lessons is appropriate as it helps in learning.Student teacher relations are very friendly. Experienced teachers provide creative methods of learning.KP is cool!!

Karthick Shankar, OOHS Topper

KP has been an integral part of my senior school years.These three years have been extremely enriching and productive. KP has excellent faculty that truly goes the extra mile to ensure that we learn our concepts well.Classes are so much fun because we actually get to learn the subjects in depth. The speed quizzes doubt clearing sessions, booster sessions, KP modules are fabulous tools that help a student sharpen his skills from all angles.”Monika ma’am” and “Sachin sir” are like my torchbearers who continuously keep motivating me and help me stay focused towards my goals.

Abhishek Aggarwal, DPS NTSC Gold Medal in Maths 9th ,10th and 11th

As a student with a post in my school, I am compelled to miss classes,however this has not affected my academics all thanks to KP. The teachers help us understand the concepts easily and solve our doubts & problems readily. The extra classes and doubt sessions help us make full use of the resources available at KP apart from our regular classes. To aid in our exam preparation KP conducts revision classes and test series to help us become thorough with our portions. It also lays great emphasis on preparing its students for the competitive exams by holding booster classes and mailing us practice worksheets and study tips.

Pratisruti Das, OOEHS Sharjah Award for Academic Excellence, Sheikh Hamdan Award

I truly believe KP is one of the best academic institutes in UAE. Firstly, the faculty is exceptional. Secondly,we meet students from other schools and get motivated to work harder.Thirdly, KP also conducts great events etc to give us a break from the tough time of studying.In one line “KP was a life changing decision of my life till now and I hope it will be more helpful ahead”.

Abhinav Singla, OOEHS VP, Student Council

For me KP has always been a wonderful place for learning. The faculty and ambience is so good that you suddenly start feeling interest in studies.Also, KP focusses on “smart” studying by helping us to focus more on important areas,improve our weaknesses and also help us to analyze and study for various competitive exams.

George Zacharia,OOEHS Sheikh Hamdan award Sharjah Award for Academic Excellence Headboy

I have received immense help from KP to excel in entrance exams. Apart from excellent faculty, we are given comprehensive material which is appropriate to prepare for all exams.The regular doubt clearing sessions, extra classes and mock exams are very helpful to understand the various exam patterns. Overall, I am extremely grateful to KP and I feel it is an excellent place for any aspiring student.

Kanika Khubchandani, DPS School Badge Holder for 7 years 11th Grade Science Stream Topper NTSE Science Topper

Knowledge Planet is the first place I go to for guidance in case I face any academic difficulties. The faculty is extremely supportive and open to discussion. In addition, the course material provided by them (including worksheets, textbooks) is extremely helpful! The class is always interactive and fun,and helps me understand all the concepts clearly. In case I don’t, the faculty makes sure I get an extra class to clear my doubts. Also,the course structure accommodates SAT and IIT preparation really well. KP has really helped me give my best academically and it’s a great learning institution.

IRA KAMBLE, ADIS Asst Head girl, Kathak Graduate

Teachers in KP are awesome and they teach in an interactive form making the classes very interesting. Speed quizzes are conducted at end of class helping me to revise the topics. Assignments are also really helpful. Occasional events help us unwind. I have enjoyed my time and studying in KP. Thank you!

Arun Vengatesan, Sunrise English Private School (SEPS)

The faculties have been extremely helpful in clearing all my doubts and strengthening my concepts.They have been instrumental in my entrance preparations.The faculties are always willing to clear my doubts.

Azwar Abdul Salam, OOEHS

Reference material is useful for practicing higher level problems and learning higher level concepts. Teachers are friendly and helpful and doubt sessions can be taken at any day for clearing doubts or for extra preparations.Integral teaching methods are extremely helpful for the preparation of entrance examinations.Regular tests help students to rectify their error and reach their full potential in the various examinations needed to be written by students throughout the learning phase.There is ample support and motivation provided to students and the atmosphere is great for learning.

Tanmay Shukla, OOEHS KP Student since Grade 9

Joining KP was the best decision I ever made in my life. This prestigious institution boosted my confidence and helped me achieve targets.The highly experienced faculty have left no stone unturned in making sure that we excel in our academics and entrance examinations.The doubt clearing classes before exams are really helpful.I dedicate my success completely to KP and recommend each one of you to join knowledge planet and watch life change, for the good!

Suryatej Reddy , OOEHS

The distinguishing feature of KP is its excellent faculty,who are helpful and extremely knowledgeable.They helped me get a great understanding of concepts.Extra sessions held for advance problem solving are challenging.All in all a great institute-for CBSE, SAT and entrance prep !

Prashasti Nagpal, DPS Score 2390 in SAT II

I have been studying at KP for 3 years now.All faculty are extremely knowledgeable, friendly,easily approachable and are always available to clear doubts and concepts. KP has helped me focus both onschool and entrance examinations

Joel Mathews- DPS Topper

KP has been instrumental in the development of my knowledge base. The effective set of staff, the useful guides and the extremely productive doubt clearing sessions have helped me for my entrances. KP helps me use my brain to its full potential that answers how I ace every examination put on my way. I thank KP for its help and will always be grateful to it.

Yash Shah, OOEHS TT Champion

KP has been extremely effective in making my marks go up.KP has helped a let in and entrance exam preparation.KP has been an integral part of my learning.

Vishal Natarajan, DPS DPS Green Olympiad winner

In my opinion KP promotes efficient learning for the students. I really appreciate the unsolved worksheets on every chapter which help us to grasp the chapter in intricate detail. The teachers here are very helpful and are ready to clear our doubts. I conclude that KP us a really good institution.

Amal Byju – DPS

KP has made a very huge difference in my academic skills and has thus opened doors to various other fields from the time I joined in 9th Grade.Regular improvement in my grades resulted in me getting selected for the school’s non-academic positions as well.My teachers at KP are always willing to listen to our opinions and clear all kinds of doubts.

Raj Dhavalikar, OOEHS Scholar Badge, 10 CGPA, Prefect

I am happy to say that KP has exceeded my expectations!The high standards of teachers and teaching methods are built to impress.And the training prepares us for entrance studies.

Mymuna Ashna, OOEHS

KP has made a huge difference in the way I study.It has helped with academics;letting me balance both school work and entrance preparation.It has helped me increase my concentration and keep my focus on the tasks at hand.

Kaustav Sammadar, DPS Topper

KP is a very enriching and a wonderful experience for me. The professors are extremely experienced and teach in such a way that it is impossible to not understand. KP has helped me a lot in understanding various concepts. I certainly enjoy coming to KP as it is an interesting and lovely experience.I am so glad that I have joined KP and look forward to learning through KP.

Tanya Pinto, DPS

KP has excellent faculty who’s method of teaching is focused on logic and understanding than rote learning. It provides a stimulating environment for learning and the classes are always lively and interesting. All study materials provided is effective.It has helped me extremely, from the booster sessions, mock tests and sample papers to the study-cabins to study and the mini library beside it.

Sofia Sahib- DPS 1st Confluence, Best delegation MUN

I will give full credit to the KP faculties .The study material is a fine compilation of entrance exam preparation. The institute especially the Admin Staff has always provided 24X7 support and has always answered my queries positively.Also Sachin Sir and Monika Madam’s words have always inspired me to perform well.

Srijit Sen, ADIS

KP has helped me in preparing for entrance. The material that KP has provided has helped me to tackle a lot of problems.This has created an atmosphere of competition. This institution means a lot to me. The concepts taught here, the faculty and application based problems have helped a lot.I am really thankful to this institution.

Maitreyi Bhat, Bright Riders Class Topper, Dance,Debating & Swimming Champ

KP has provided a very conducive environment for better understating and grasp over the subjects and concepts.It has definitely improved my liking of the subjects I learnt.The ambience has encouraged our analytical and critical thinking which will surely help all of us throughout our life.The fellow students and masters help us bring out the best in us.This institution is highly recommended for those who wish to broaden their horizon in life.

Gayathri Hariharan, St. Joseph

KP provides a conducive and competitive environment for learning; it attracts competitive students from all over UAE. I really appreciate the cooperative and encouraging faculty members. On a personal note KP helped realize my potential. It motivates me to perform at my best.The y conduct regular tests and keep a good record of them so that we evaluate ourselves and improve. All these factors helps me to achieve high scores. At times of high pressure and disappointment,KP help us to endure it with effective counseling.Keeping all the factors in mind I would definitely recommend KP to all high aspirants out there.

Swagat Pradhan, EFIA Head boy

KP is indeed the best place for entrance preparation.Everybody in the institute is committed to give their best to the student.The material provided by them is extensive and that too is backed up with periodic worksheets and question bank sent by email.The environment in KP is very competitive and makes sure we always do our best, pushing us to our best potential. The regular tests ensure that we are up to date of the lessons and concepts.Hence KP is a must for everyone who wants to ace their entrance as well as board exams.

Samvid, ADIS 1st National Sc Olympiad, Chess Champion, Black Belt Karate

My experience at KP has been great so far in these 2 years. The faculties are extremely talented. The class room atmosphere is very lively and friendly. Study materials are impeccable, especially the past archives section which gives us a great idea of competitive exams. Regular extra classes for doubts clearing are organized as well and plenty of tests are given to equip us with exam skills. I am very glad to have joined KP!

Riya Kurmude, ADIS Cultural secretary, Debating club

My experience at KP has been a very memorable one.I have learnt how to manage my studies, organize the timetables,practice every day and clear my doubts. It has given me a forum to explore a variety of topics on individual concepts which helps me perform better in class.The various time-to-time tests and assignments help me be in track with the daily portions.The entrance coaching also helps to a great deal in better understanding of the subject and gets us ready for the exam in a perfect chronological manner. The teaching faculty too is very friendly and that enhances the process of learning making it friendly and interactive.

Harsha Balwani, ADIS Asst. Head Girl, Debating, Salsa and Swimming champion)

More than from an examination point of view,KP helps me to get a thorough knowledge on the various topics discussed in our texts.The concepts taught are useful for understanding the lessons.The faculty organizes classes whenever necessary. I think it is very useful for students interested in extracting maximum out of the resources provided to them.

Sriya Srinivasan, ADIS

Aſter joing KP there has been a drastic change in the studying abilities. I have become more confident. The study atmosphere in KP is amazing. It has helped me in preparing for entrance exams. The regular speed quizzes taken helps me analyze where I stand in the class and motivate me to study on a daily basis. I will recommend this institution to anyone aspiring for competitive exams.

Nihal Haneef ADIS

Knowledge Planet supports its students whenever possible by providing any and every required facility to help students achieve great heights. The teaching staff is very friendly and provides a good atmosphere.The course material given to students is extremely helpful in preparing for all sorts of entrance examinations.

Sashank Ramachandran, ADIS House VC

KP has been tremendously helpful for explanation of crucial concepts and clarification of my doubts.Their resources (conceptual books,practice papers etc)are exceptionally good.

Varun Venkat ADIS

KP has helped me quite a lot in entrance prep, and also my SAT prep.The Faculties here are amazing.They not only teach you but also motivate you to learn further and expand your knowledge.

Srijit Kumar, ADIS

Before I came to KP,I knew only 9 planets but KP is truly a different planet.It gave me a very different learning experience.The teachers are really helpful,providing guidance to my future.The rigorous approach to support us through all our hardships is really wonderful.I am extremely grateful.

Aqeel Hussain, EFIA

KP is good and provides a conducive environment for learning.It has provided a base for my 11th and 12th grade both boards and entrance.I have found that it has helped me a lot in my studies.

Akash Ajay , ADIS ,Robotics: 5th, 2013 WRO

KP has helped me understand the concepts very well.A great ease in understanding of subjects by the respective sirs is provided.They are very knowledgeable and clear the doubts very effectively. Overall, KP has helped me a lot.

Vaibhav Goyal, ADIS

KP has helped me through with the enormous challenge posed by 11th and has helped me to prepare for my IIT JEE Mains and Advanced .The concepts taught here have provided me with a good holdover my subjects and the study material provided are extremely effective and easily help me revise. The Professors are very approachable and have a very good idea about problems we students face in senior classes and provide us easy solutions to help us work effectively.

Gurupangav, ADIS

Knowledge planet has helped me a lot to understand studies more clearly.KP has helped me to cope up with the massive increase of the portion of grade 11th. Teachers at KP are very supportive and explain every topic clearly for each student of different caliber.At KP regular tests and worksheets help in revision of the topic taught .

Deep Naresh –JSS School Topper 9th 10th and 11th, UAE Spell Bee Champion 2013, Sheikh Hamdan Award nominee

Knowledge planet has really helped me clear my concepts and doubts. The faculty are extremely dedicated& are highly experienced.Joining KP has been one of my best decisions so for. – Thank you!

Rachana Mallara , OOEH S Green Olympiad 2012&2013, Topper, Awarded Quizzer, House Prefect

Knowledge planet has given me with a platform to build up my academics throughout since I joined in 11th grade.It has always motivated me to do my best at all times and supported me.I have gained a lot from my time at KP. Speed quizzes, doubt sessions and boosters are superb!

Anirudh Kulkarni, DPS 11th School Topper

Some of the best teachers I have seen in my life!Extremely helpful faculty members.Great classrooms and facilities.Helpful and practical experiments in the learning field. Named after a constant [KP]. Fun experiences and great classes that help in various examinations.

Dev Khare, OOHS World Scholars Cup Best Speaker Award

Knowledge planet is a great place to be if you are aspiring to be at a top college in india or around the world.The teachers are very skilled and impart lessons with ease, and also make it interesting.

Ashwin Sridhar, IHS SAT 2: 2400/2400

I would like to thank KP for their support. The faculty has helped and motivated me throughout.KP provides excellent material which has helped tremendously in my preparation. The teachers are available always and help me in getting a good grip of the concepts.

Siddharth Prakash, IHS SAT 2: 2400/2400

Very useful for entrance preparation and amalgamation of information.The faculties are knowledgeable and very helpful.

Mohd. Fayaz, IHS 2nd in Science Olympiad, Semifinalist – TCS IT Wiz quiz, Topper

I have been a KP student since Grade 9.KP has helped me cope up with my studies to a significant extent. KP allows us to think and analyze our studies in a different perspective. KP also allows proper and just coaching for higher studies.

Saad Syed –IHS A+ in Sahastra Prathibha Topper

Being a student of Knowledge Planet for 20 months, I have developed my brain intellectually thanks to the detailed study plans,thorough concepts and extensive practice. I have also achieved expertise in Physics, Chemistry,Biology and Maths!

Karan Wadhwani, DPS Chair for MUN, Member of Students Council in school

For the past 9 months,KP has instilled in me strong confidence that I did not make any mistake in choosing KP!The faculty have been very encouraging and helping me in achieving several endeavors.

Rahul Kothari – TMS 10 CGPA in 10th Grade, 9th Grade GP winner, MUN Vice President, CBSE TT Clusters Champion

Experienced faculty members.A very good place for IIT and medical entrance coaching.Easier and faster way of solving questions.Very friendly environment.Great student teacher learning.

Krithika Balasubramaniam, OOEHS Topper

Knowledge Planet is a great place to learn and study.It has helped me greatly in my academics and I am glad that I decided to join this institution.It taught me to be regular and systematic.The faculty is very supportive and helpful.The study material provided is concise and very useful for revision as well as practice. I enjoy my classes as they are not only educative but also fun.

Shruti Suresh, OOEHS Dance 2014 –Jhankar award 1st Place, 1st in Math Quiz competition, Topper

KP has proven to be pretty helpful to me in the past few months. The study material provided helps me face questions of different levels, not only preparing for my SAT examinations but also for the entrance exams.

Priyanka Suresh, JSS Head girl of school, Best speaker award, Sheikh Hamdan award nominee

What I liked most about KP is the teachers. I learnt a lot from them personally as well as academically. Going to KP was also helpful because it automatically created a study schedule (i.e. Which chapter to be studied when).

Viraj Mahesh, DPS, University of California, Berkeley

The foundations packages provided by KP are extremely useful and must be referred to throughout during this preparation. Also, the teachers are very helpful with their assignments and tests with solutions. Mr. Sachin Bharti, the Academic Director of KP, was very inspiring and helpful throughout.

Akash Rindhe, ADIS, NTU Singapore

KP provided me with proper guidance. The teachers were excellent and imparted all the knowledge required for us. They were friendly and helpful. In case I needed any help, I could always approach them without hesitation. When I needed advice, I could always ask them. KP’s courses are well planned and are directed at helping students achieve their goals. I am happy that I attended KP and utilized their help to get me closer to my goals.

Prannoy Chatterjee, DPS, NTU Singapore

KP provided a fine set of teachers who have all contributed immensely to my results. I would like to thank the Sir’s for their dedication and for the amount of effort they put in to ensure that we were well-prepared to face the exams.

Dibyo Majumdar, ADIS, University of California, Berkeley

The concepts and questions in KP material were very useful in entrance preparation. All topics were clearly presented, in a gist form, making them very easy to comprehend. But, one must first be thorough with NCERT textbook (at least to a certain extent) before studying any other material or guide.

Gautam Vepa, OOHS, IIIT, Hyderabad

I was a KP student for 2 years from 11th onwards. Thanks to Knowledge planet, my concepts have been refined to a great extent. I especially owe it to my to my teachers for doing wellat Boards as well as Medical Entrance Exams. Thank you, KP!

Shubhada, OOEHS, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

KP provided me with proper guidance. The teachers were excellent and imparted all the knowledge required for us. They were friendly and helpful. In case I needed any help, I could always approach them without hesitation. When I needed advice, I could always ask them. KP’s courses are well planned and are directed at helping students achieve their goals. I am happy that I attended KP and utilized their help to get me closer to my goals.

Shiva Jagannaath, ADIS, Imperial College, London

I am really grateful to be a part of Knowledge Planet. The faculty’s constant support and the materials provided were undoubtedly very helpful for various Entrance Exams. KP has played a major role in my success as they not only make us acquire knowledge but also inspire us to explore new ideas and innovations. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my professors for their constant motivation and guidance. A sincere thanks to Sachin Sir & Monika Madam whose tireless effort and valuable advice helped us immensely.

Vrunda Shah, OOEHS, NIT Warangal

KP has been a great experience for two years. The faculty is good – the teachers are always willing to clear our doubts and make us understand the concepts better. The study material is helpful for revision and the tests (SAT, CBSE, JEE etc) deepened our understand-ing of such exams. I definitely owe a lot to KP for all my results. Thank you for giving me confidence and keeping your faith in me. Keep up the good work, you guys! 🙂

Saumya Gupta, OOEHS, NIT Surathkal

Studying at K.P was, honestly, an enriching experience. The biggest highlight of the program were the faculty members who possess in-depth knowledge about the course matter. Another driving force was their test series that simulates real exam conditions. They gave the right advice in choosing the reference books and I used a book each in every subject.

Anvit Bodiwala, IHS, DTU Delhi

Knowledge Planet provided good teachers, material, help and the teachers their advice, tricks and skills. Initially it was a bit tough to get used to, but the teachers were patient, friendly and helpful and provided help during most of the hours of the day. Fun, enjoyment and learning were always a part of the class. Although we got limited hours per week because of time constraints, the staff more than did their half for our preparations! I just want to thank the entire KP team. I am glad I joined KP in 11th.

Vishal Reddy, ADIS, JIPMER (Cracked both IIT & Medical)


Learning at KP is truly an intellectually stimulating experience. The teachers are highly experienced and very supportive. The mode of teaching employed improves analytical reasoning required for cracking any competitive exam.I am grateful to all my teachers for continuously motivating me and giving me 2 years to remember.

Shruthi Iyer, IHS Sheikh Hamdan Award School Topper 11th grade Awardee @Singapore international Science Camp

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