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Grade XI & XII

Students in India who take up Commerce Stream are very focused on excelling in Commerce Stream. They start working towards admissions into top colleges, degree programs and professional certifications such as CA & ACCA, from Class 11 & 12 itself.

In the Gulf, such kind of focus does not exist yet in Commerce stream and lot of students finish their Class 12 without any clear plan or preparation towards what they may wish to pursue after Class 12. Many students mostly end up with a weak foundation in Core subjects such as Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Maths, because of which they are not able to develop motivation for higher studies in core Commerce disciplines.

The Knowledge Planet Program is a step in the right direction, and will help students develop a strong career focus from Class 11 & 12 itself. Get Started before it’s too late!

Course Objective

To ensure that a student’s core subjects like Accountancy & Book-Keeping, Economics, Business Studies & Maths are rock solid right from the starting of Grade 11 and students develop career-oriented interest in the field of commerce.

Course Overview

Did you know there are many students (especially back in India) who are scoring very good marks in Class 10 and still opt for commerce stream, by their own choice? Did you know Commerce Stream offers some very reputed career streams like CA, CS, ACCA, BBA, BCA, Mass Media, B.Com and many more? In order to pursue these careers, it is very important for a student to be career-focused during Class 11 and 12 and be strong at their core Commerce subjects such as Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies & Maths.

Any commerce stream career surely involves direct or indirect study of the above-mentioned core commerce subjects. For Example, CA and ACCA need Accountancy and Economics as base, Law needs Business studies and Economics as base etc. During a recent study it was found that student whose foundation remains weak in core subjects, loses confidence as he/she is not able to perform well in academics. Once a student loses his/her confidence in the subject, they lose the interest to study that subject at a higher education level (B.Com, ACCA etc). The Commerce program at KP ensures that a student’s core subjects remain strong which in turn help them to build successful career in the longer run.

Course Deliverables

  • To prepare students from CBSE School & Board Exam perspective for Accounts, Economics, Business Studies & Maths. (Student has the option to take any 3 or all 4 subjects at KP)
  • Provide extensive course material for each subject (Exceptional study material)
  • Ensure weekly / monthly testing to ensure a student performs wells and avoids last minute study.
  • Test series for Mid Term / Final Exams
  • To support students who want to prepare for Entrance Exams like CA-Foundation, ACCA, CLAT, BBA Entrance exam by building their aptitude towards Entrance Exams.
  • Test series and sample papers for all major Entrance Exams related to Commerce field.
  • Most importantly, develop a student’s seriousness, curiosity and sincerity towards Commerce Stream.

Why KP’s Commerce Program?

  1. Best Teachers (Experienced, Well Qualified, Full Time Employees of KP)
  2. The Best Study Material for Commerce Stream
  3. Strong foundation in core Commerce subjects
  4. Ample testing throughout the year
  5. Preparation for various competitive exams
  6. Career Guidance – Updates on Entrance Exam Forms, Exam Dates, Form Filling Process
  7. Inspiration and exposure to think beyond Grade 11th and 12th
  8. Year-round Mentoring by career experts

Start Now and Develop your Commerce career for life long success!


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