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DASA & CIWG Entrance Exam

Grade XI & XII

Do you know DASA Admissions are through JEE Main from 2023?

What is DASA?

DASA is the most prestigious college admission scheme for NRI Students, under which NRI students are given the benefit of preferential allotment of seats in top NITs, IIITs etc. In order to qualify for DASA, a student must complete their 11th and 12th outside India.

How is the admission under DASA decided?

DASA and CIWG admission is through entrance exams. Until 2022, admissions were on the basis of SAT Subject Tests. From the year 2023, admissions will be on the basis of JEE Main marks.

What does this mean for students?

SAT Subject Test is an easier exam as compared to JEE Main. Several students used to get the same marks in this exam. For an instance, there was less differentiation between a very bright student and an above average student. However, JEE Main will bring out the difference between students very clearly. It is very rare that NRI students will get exact same marks under JEE Main. Therefore, DASA & CIWG admissions will become more competitive. Moreover, since JEE Main is a more challenging exam, those students who have undergone intensive entrance preparation during Class 11 and 12, will have a huge advantage over students who have only done self study or gone for private tuitions.

How can you benefit from this change?

By studying at Knowledge Planet, you will be fully ready not only to crack Board Exams but also Entrance Exams such as the JEE Main. Our experienced teachers will teach you tips and strategies to ace entrance exam questions. An average student at KP will likely perform much better at JEE Main than a brighter student who has not gone through this kind of training. So by preparing at KP, you will have a huge advantage over other students to crack JEE Main and bag those best college seats!

What is CIWG?

CIWG stands for Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries. CIWG is a subset of DASA program. According to the CIWG scheme, there will be 1/3rd reservation of seats of DASA for the Children of Indian parents working in Gulf Countries. For example if in NIT Warangal there are 9 seats in a particular program under DASA, 6 seats will be General DASA Seats and 3 Seats will be CIWG.

What is the difference between DASA and CIWG seats?

Key difference is in the fees of both seats. General DASA seats cost about 8000 USD per year to a student while a CIWG seat costs 1,25,000 Rs per year and hence first preference of every student is to avail a CIWG seat. It is to be noted that there is intense competition even amongst NRI Students also to bag the best CIWG seats!

How many seats are there in DASA & CIWG?

For the year 2021, There were a total of 3211 seats of which 2330 were General DASA seats and 881 were CIWG seats across all participating institutes in the DASA process.

Can I know which DASA participating institute has how many seats? In Detail.

Yes, you can click the button below and check detailed DASA & CIWG number of seats across all NITs and other DASA participating institutes.

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