Dasa 2023: JEE Main compulsory for DASA admissions for NRI Students

DASA 2023

Wish to study Engineering/B.Tech/Architecture programs in India’s premier institutions? Direct Admission for Students Abroad or DASA is a great option for NRIS.

What is DASA?

DASA (Direct Admission of Students Abroad) is a scheme of the Indian govermment. As part of the scheme, admissions are provided to NRIS to programs by the NITS(National Institutes of Technology), ITs(Indian Institutes of Information Technology), SPAS(School of Planning and Architecture) and other Centrally Funded & Premier Technical Institutes.

Dasa 2023: What is the Eligibility To Apply To Top NITS, SPAS, IIITS through DASA?

Any student who has done his/her Grade 11 & 12 outside India, is Eligible for DASA. Students who pursue their Grades 11 & 12 from India are not Eligible.

What is the Benefit of Applying through the DASA Program?

In Simple words “Very Less Competition”. As you would know the competition back in India is fierce to get into top institutes. Any student who has done his grade 11 and 12 from India, has to compete with about 15 Lakh students to get a seat into Top NITS! On the other hand any student who applies through DASA competes with only NRI Students thereby eliminating almost 90% of the competition.

Is there any Entrance Exam that we need to appear to avail DASA quota?

Yes. Students have to appear the JEE Main Examination to secure admission through the DASA program. Earlier it was the SAT-II Exam which students had to attempt to got a seat through DASA, however, from current academic year, the Qualifying Entrance Exam for DASA has been changed to JEE Main. DASA Quota is still there, just the qualifying Exam has changed to JEE MAIN.

Expert’s Advice

At this stage many of us are planning which stream to take up or thinking to go back to India for doing 11th+12th, To any student who is thinking about getting admission to top Engineering colleges, It is a no-brainer to stay outside India for next 2 years, complete Grade 11+12 and at least keep an option open to apply trough DASA program.