KP vs Other Coaching Centres

When you are looking for a coaching centre for your child, it is important to do a thorough research on available options so that you can make the best choice. This one decision can hugely fluence the results of your child in these important years, and therefore the best institute must be chosen.

Here we give you 5 reasons why KP is the No.1 choice in the UAE.

1. Best Results in the Gulf

We at Knowledge Planet are experts at understanding NRI students and it has helped us produce the highest success rate for all key college entrance examinations over the last 7 years. It gives a student tremendous confidence when they know that they are studying at the institute which has the best track record for producing results.

Something that we are specially proud of and it should matter to parents too:


We are not an India company owned or franchise centre of an Indian coaching centre, showing Indian results of students studying in their Indian centres. Our results are by our own Indian sudents studying with us in our own UAE branches. We understand Gulf NRIs better than anyone else!

2. Comprehensive Study Materials

Compare Books at Knowledge Planet with any other coaching institute, and you will see the difference clearly! We provide different study materials for School/Board Exams and for Entrance Exams and for building their General Mental Ability. A lot of additional resources are also provided such as Formula books, Scoreboosters, DPP books etc. For students who would like to access additional resources, we maintain a well-stocked library comprising of exceptional study materials.

3. Most Qualified Teachers

We believe that teachers are one of the most important success factors for a student. We attract the most talented teachers to Knowledge Planet. All our teachers are full time employees and have teaching experience from many leading entrance coaching institutes of India (no freshers are ever hired) and our teachers are groomed to handle NRI students in Gulf. Students are huge fans of their KP teachers. It’s evident from our student reviews (Please refer to Reviews/Testimonials section of our website).

4. Digital Platform to support Physical Learning

Our physical classes coaching is going to be supplemented by the best-in-class digital platform Skooly which we have developed tirelessly over the last two years. This gives students access to KPFlix (our digital video library making learning or revising any topic possible 24X7), KPThinkExam (our online testing and assessment platform with amazing personalized results showing individualized feedback), KPWhatsDoubt (Whatsapp based doubt clearing facility where students can send in their doubts any time of the day or night – no more “too shy to ask in class” problems), KPLive (our live, online classes platform) and KPApps (our communication platform where all messages and class details are shared with parents as well as students). Kindly note that no other institute in UAE provides such an exceptional digital learning platform which is custom-made for UAE students.

5. Motivating Atmosphere

Students in KP can judge their performance relative to 2500+ students from 13 branches and all the leading schools of UAE. This leads to healthy competition and motivation among students. Also, teachers ensure there can never be discontinuity in classes. There are regular sessions on careers and life skills. This kind of positive atmosphere helps students manage their productive time by leaning them away from mobile phones, social media, internet, video games etc. & encourages them to work towards their future.

When it comes to Board and Entrance Prep, KP is the undisputed No. choice of students and parents. We invite you to visit one of our branches to know more about how we can help your child achieve their best potential.