KP vs Private tuitions: What is Right for me?

Before we answer that question, it is important to ask a more important question:

What is the ultimate Goal of Classes 9 to 12?

Is it school marks? Is it Board Marks? Is it extra curriculur activities?

The answer is: None of These. Your child’s most important goal in the next few years of their school life is:

To secure admission into a good college after Class 12!

As long as your child gets into a good college, their life quality and success is reasonably secure. No one asks about school marks in job interviews these days. Success is dependent largely upon which college or university the student studies in. The best opportunities come to students from best colleges! So, the question you need to ask is:

How does the child get into a Top College after Class 12? Or a better question is: How do top colleges select students for college admissions?

The answer is: ONLY Through Entrance Exams such as JEE, NEET, CLAT, CA foundation and etc. And not through school or Board Exam marks. This does not mean that School or Board Exams are not important. It only means that preparing for only school or Board Exams is not going to be enough to secure admissions into colleges.

The entire landscape for college admissions, especially for NRI students, has completely changed in the last couple of years. For students desirous of seeking medical college admissions, NEET is the compulsory entrance exam, with almost no weightage provided to Board Exams. So much so, that even if a student wants to study medicine in European medical colleges, they still need to qualify the NEET Entrance Exam!

Similarly, for engineering aspirants, JEE Main and Advanced Entrance Exams are absolutely compulsory. Until the year 2020, NRI students had it easy as they could get admission under DASA scheme by just writing the SAT 2 Exams. However, from the year 2021, DASA scheme will no longer accept SAT 2 scores, and will only accept JEE Main score (JEE Main is a more challenging exam than SAT 2). So from the year 2021, the competition for engineering seats is bound to get tougher for NRI students.

What needs to be kept in mind is that Entrance Exam preparation is best done through a reputed Entrance Coaching Centre, with a proven track record of top performance. School faculty or private tutors are not well suited to prepare for entrance exams because that is not their core area of expertise. This is because Entrance coaching involves training students for multiple skills including:

  • Entrance Strategies
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Time Management
  • Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks
  • Application based Questions
  • Competitive Exams Mindset
  • Study Habits
  • Exam Writing Temperament
  • Discipline and Perseverance

and much more…which only a reputed coaching centre can teach and not private tuition teachers whose main goal is to assist students in passing exams. KP has the track record for producing college admissions in top notch colleges as we are passionate about helping our students gain college admissions and achieve career success. Ask private tuition teachers about their students’ college admissions, they would not have any such stats because this is not their objective at all.

Knowledge Planet is the most reputed Entrance Coaching centre in the GCC region, with best results in all leading Entrance Exams, year after year for the last 7 years in a row. (To view our exceptional results, please visit the Results section of our website). Another point to note is that In private tuitions, students end up meeting the same students they have met in school. There is no external competition or motivation. At Knowledge Planet, students will brush shoulders with the best, most highly motivated students of all leading schools in the UAE, thereby giving them the most stimulating environment to develop the mindset required in order to excel in these years.

Also, keep in mind is that what your child needs is not just Entrance Exam preparation but a comprehensive program which prepares them for School, Board and Entrance Exams under one roof so that none of these exams is neglected. This is what is accomplished at Knowledge Planet. Not only have our students topped Entrance Exams, our success rate at Board Exams is almost 3 times better than school results in the region. This is because our Programs prepare students for all subjects of both Board as well as Entrance Exams under one roof, making it the most comprehensive and apt program in these important years of your child’s school life.

In order to further understand our programs and how they can benefit your child, please get in touch today and one of our friendly counsellors will be delighted to assist.