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SAT Summer Bootcamp 2021


SAT Summer Bootcamp 2021

4th July To 25th Aug 2021

  • SAT Summer Bootcamp by KP is a full fledged program for SAT preparation which aims to cover all possible topics from SAT exam point of view. With 45 hours of classroom sessions + 54 Hours of testing this program shall ensure student is equipped with all necessary exam writing skills to ace the new pattern SAT.

Mode of Classes

The summer vacation program will be conducted in Online Mode. Online Classes will be conducted on Knowledge Planet’s highly appreciated online platform, called Skooly!

Students will have an option to come and appear mock tests at one of our Branches or Appear Online.

Syllabus & Test Details

July & August


Schedule of Classes

July & August


Distinctive features of the program

  • Assures score enhancement.
  • Tailor made intensive training.
  • Numerous mock tests for the final prep
  • Includes motivational sessions, attitude building and study skills techniques to prepare them to face the academic rigor ahead in life.
  • Offers monitoring for SAT.
  • Our small group sessions aids in personal attention along with customized homework.
  • Experienced faculty (SAT Certified Trainers) to ensure student’s SAT score improvement in the shortest time.

Course Highlights

  • Analytical tests to assess your strength and weakness.
  • Working with you to ensure your basics are strong and build a substantial foundation for SAT subjects.
  • SAT specific tips and tricks to help you crack the special tests.
  • Offer you customized practice questions that aids you to improve your SAT score.
  • Special sessions close to actual SAT exam dates to enhance your score.

Why Knowledge Planet?

  • The No.1 Coaching center in UAE for Indian students
  • Largest Number of branches in UAE : 13 branches
  • Largest Number of students in UAE: 2000+
  • Highest No. of Selections in JEE Main in last three years
  • Highest No. of Selections in IIT JEE Advanced in last three years
  • Highest No. of Selections in NEET in the last three years
  • NEET, AIIMS, JEE Main and JEE Advanced Toppers
  • UAE’s Best Results in Class 10 and 12 Board Results
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Fee Structure

SAT Summer Bootcamp (July & August) Including Tests & Course Material – AED 2100 (For 2 Months Program)

Option To Add IELTS / TOEFL - AED 999

Admission Procedure

1. Please call or WhatsApp our Admissions team at 050 1030454 or 050 5030454

2. Feel free to ask any questions or seek any further information

3. The Admissions team will generate an online payment link for you.

4. Make the online payment and get started immediately.

5. Student ID will be generated. Student will be added to the Knowledge Planet app and will have immediate access to all study materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the SAT scored? What is a good score in SAT?

Each section (Verbal & Math) of the SAT is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale, making the "perfect" score 1600. Any score of 1400+ is considered good, while a score of 1470+ is considered ideal to secure admissions to top universities.

2. What is the ideal time to write SAT?

For Students who are currently in class 12, must appear the SAT as soon as they can. If you are looking to apply to foreign universities you must target the SAT happening on the 28th of August (Tentatively).
For Students who are currently in class 11, it is highly recommended by College Board (The body which conducts SAT exam across the globe) that students attempt their SAT in their 11th Grade. As we all would agree, Grade 12 is a milestone year and will require much more intensive prep. Our focus in Grade 12 will be on SAT Subject Tests and preparation for other engineering or medical entrance exams along with Boards. Students are highly recommended to do away with their SATs, therefore, in Grade 11th itself.

3. I plan to prepare myself for SAT and do not need classroom sessions.

SAT prep is more of understanding the exam and its pattern. It is all about learning shortcuts, time management, and exam writing strategies to excel in the exam. Classroom sessions help you achieve all of it. To judge yourself, in the diagnostic test KP conducted any score of 700+ in Math Section (We being science stream students) & 650+ in Verbal Section is considered good. If your score is below these benchmarks, then classroom sessions are highly recommended for your preparation.

4. I want only Verbal classroom sessions for SAT. I will prepare Math on my own.

As mentioned above preparing for both Verbal & Math is recommended. Unless you have scored 700+ in the Math section of SAT diagnostic SAT which KP took, it is recommended that you opt for both Verbal & Math classes. Still if you choose to opt only for Verbal Classes, you may speak to our program manager at the branch and they shall guide you forward.

5. I am a Grade 11 student and I haven’t decided yet if I wish to apply to foreign universities for my admission.

In this case, we would recommend you to make the decision as soon as possible. It is ideal to do away with the SAT in your Grade 11th itself so that you can give your focus to Grade 12th prep next year.

6. I am a Grade 12 student and I have no time to attend SAT classes.

As there is summer vacation going on right now (with no school pressure), we have designed the course in such a way that it ends before the schools reopens. Any Grade 12 student who has still not written SAT till now and looking for admissions abroad must write the SAT in August 2021 itself.

Put your child on a path to success in this summer vacation!


Put your child on a path to success in this summer vacation!

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