The Year 2017 and its Major Developments towards College Admissions

The Year 2017 and its Major Developments towards College Admissions

Dear Parents and Students,

Note: This message is meant as specific information for Grade 11 and 12 students, and as general important information for Grade 9 and 10 students.

Greetings from Knowledge Planet!

We are sure most of our 12th Grade students are eagerly waiting to ace CBSE/ISC Boards and Entrance Exams in the coming year and with new beginning of 2017, Let us all make a strong resolution to overcome all challenges and achieve pinnacle of success in the most challenging exams to come. We would like to remind you all again about some of the most significant changes that have occurred during this year of 2016 and what you can expect 2017 onwards.

As we were aware that till this year i.e 2016, admissions into top engineering colleges were based on 60% weightage on IIT JEE (Main) Entrance Exam scores and 40% weightage on Board exam scores (Grade 12). THIS IS NO LONGER VALID. In the year of 2016, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India have made changes in this policy and informed us of below major developments in this regards:

  • There shall be no weightage for the Grade 12 Board marks in calculating the ranks in the all India Level Engineering Entrance Exam. Ranks will be decided purely on the basis of IIT JEE (Main) and IIT JEE (Advanced) Entrance Exam Marks.
  • For the candidates to qualify for the admission in the top engineering colleges whose admissions are based on the All India Level Engineering Exam ranks, they should have secured at least 75% marks in the Grade 12 Board Examination. More than 98% KP students cross 75% easily every year, so this should be easy.
  • Introduction of CIWG (Children of Indians working in Gulf) quota in Admission to NITs/IIITs and various other premier institutes, has been initiated under DASA Admission Category. The selection in based on SAT Subject Test Scores, which are structured exactly like Indian Entrance Exams, and completely different from Board Exams.

Besides, for Medical College Admissions, placing NEET as the compulsory common entrance exam for admission in all Govt and Pvt Medical Colleges in India. Earlier admissions were allowed on Board Marks, but going forward it is no longer permitted, unless the child has cleared an entrance exam alongwith.

From the above points it is very clear that significance of Entrance Exams has significantly gone up from this year. The relevance of Board Exam Marks has become merely as an eligibility exam. And School Exam Marks will have ZERO role in helping you get Indian college admissions.

We advice students to strategize their academic preparation keeping in mind the above important factors.

We wish all of our students best of luck for all their future endeavors.

Get started on your own personal journey to success!

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