Tips for students taking up science stream in Class XI

Class XI students feel a big difference in the level of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics from X to XI. You must know that the effort required to get good percentage in XI and XII exams is far more than that needed to get a similar percentage in X Board Exams. Your goal in Class XI and XII is not only to get good marks in your Board Exams, but also to score well in all the important Entrance Exams. It is your marks in these entrance exams that will eventually decide which colleges you get into. Remember Class XI & XII Board Exam syllabi for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are more or less same as that for Entrance Examinations. Difference lies only in the approach required to solve the questions. If you are thoroughly prepared for entrance exams, with a little extra effort, you are bound to do extremely well in XI Final & XII Board Exams too. Vice-versa is not true. Even if you have prepared very well in a topic from XI & XII exam point of view, you will still need an intense effort to make sure your preparation is adequate from Entrance Exams point of view. You will notice that there is a lot of problem solving questions in Class XI and XII. Mere understanding of a concept is not adequate. Develop your analytical skills. Do not give up solving a problem after one or two attempts only. It is only by doing & trying to solve difficult problems that you can improve your analytical skills. So keep those solutions away and spend time trying to arrive at your own solutions even if they are wrong in the end. You will still end up improving your problem solving skills. You have to learn to apply these concepts in solving tricky problems. This will involve lots of written practice and problem solving both for Board Exams as well as for Entrance Exams. As the syllabus is far more, you will need to follow a strict study schedule, especially if you tend to engage in lots of extra-curricular activities. Quality over Quantity: There is no dearth of books and problems available. One has to draw boundaries and concentrate on quality rather than quantity. It is possible that you can prepare a topic by doing 30-40 problems only, if you devote yourself to solve them completely by yourself. On the other hand your preparation can be very weak and hollow even if you have attempted more than 200 problems on the same topic in the same time, all the while looking at solutions and not trying hard enough. It is not difficult to score well in Class XI and XII. Knowledge Planet students have proven that, with more than half of our students scoring above 90% in Class XII Board Exams. Plus, they have also secured top ranks in entrance exams, thereby exhibiting that it is an achievable goal. You just have to make sure that you are ready to put in the efforts and follow the unique approach which is required to do well in these classes. All the best!