When times get tough, winners make the right choices!

What comes to your mind when you hear AIRBNB, UBER, PINTEREST, ZOMATO, SLACK and WHATSAPP! Hugely successful companies with great products and millions of customers. Now dig deeper and see if you can find a common factor among these names!

These are some of the greatest examples of Success in Adversity. These are some of the hugely successful companies that were founded during the last major crisis in the world – the Financial Collapse of 2008. When the world was going through tremendous pain and suffering, the founders of these companies were nurturing their ambition, passion and talent to create some of the greatest companies in the world!

Much is the scenario now! All of us are hurt like 2008, all of us have been hit like the people in 2008. If AIRBNB, UBER, PINTEREST, ZOMATO, SLACK and WHATSAPP could shine in adversity, why can’t we?! Would you just flow with the pain and continue to suffer, or fly above and create your own path to a brighter future?

Do not let this time override your dreams, your future and your destiny! If you want to be successful, if you want to be rich and famous, don’t let Corona take it away from you! It’s your life, you are the Captain of your ship! Only you decide which direction that ship sails to. No one else.

This pandemic won’t last but our dreams will!

We all are new to this form of studying. We all are new to Online Classes. We all are missing our friends. We all are missing the real joy of learning in physical classrooms. But we must get used to this new normal. As winners and future leaders, we must adapt to these challenges. Do you think the founders of these great companies did not face hurdles? Of course they did, and how they handled those hurdles made all the difference. They could have resigned themselves to their fates and accepted that it is an economic recession, or they could get up and start working harder on their dreams. What choices do you think they made?

What choices do you think you need to make in these similar times?

At the least, this pandemic must make us more determined to do even better because a good education and career is the best insurance/cushion that will protect us from any such crisis or challenges that the future may unfold. We have to make ourselves more capable, more indispensable and more resilient to handle the hurdles we will come across in our life journey!

The time to do that is NOW! Let’s pull our socks up and give our 100% to show life that we can continue to walk along the path of our success, come what may!

God Bless you all, dear students!